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One day it had to happen. People who know me know how much I like, no, how much I love this cat. And I have the pleasure (even though I get mad sometimes) of having his fur covering my clothes. Know this, if you ever see me wearing black clothes with no fur on them, it can only mean that they’re new. But what is fur when compared to having this lion at home?



So yes, one day I had to have a post about Yoshi. This 2 year cat entered our lives about the same time as my younger niece. I actually went to pick him a day before or after my niece was born, which means that they’re the two babies in our family. One more furrier than the other. But with proportional amounts of mischief and sweetness.




Besides being a sweetheart, my little lion is a survivor and it’s the reason why I’ll be forever grateful to the person who took care of him when his tail was broken, helped him eat and allowed him to live and be gorgeous, healthy and perfect.



I can sound very lame, to some he is just a cute cat, but people who have animals understand what I say. They know the role animals end up having in one’s life, the silent (sometimes, not quite) support, the cuddles, the fun that make our days feel less boring and lonely. Yes, even with the amount of furballs that travels through our house, making it a house from the Wild Wild West. Even when we get home and find your bean bag all destroyed and realise that your cat and the floor became white because of the polystyrene beads that cover them. Even with all that. It’s always worth it.


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