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Starting something is hard. Whatever that something may be. Consciously or not, all beginnings involve a process that ends up changing our daily routine. We start spending more time with task A and stealing time from task B. Since all beginnings are hard, starting this blog was too.

I’m a self-taught whatever. I’m not an artist, I’m not a writer. By this I mean that many of the things I know today, I’ve learned them by myself. I like to watch, observe, recreate and, in the process, to learn. I think that was what led me to photography many years ago. Same thing with illustration. Not that I’m a professional at all. That would be insulting who does it professionally. But I like to share what I do, being it good or bad…or well, not so good. I create and, in the process, I learn.

Some years ago I also thought I could write. I used to write things that would mainly appear in my head because I felt inspired by something I read or listened to. And then it would stop there. I was never amazing at creating stories, but at the time I thought I was. I did what I could. Some years later, I would look at them and think “this doesn’t make any sense, why did I ever publish this?” and then I would delete everything. Then publish again. Create, recreate and in the process, I learnt.

So, what was meant to happen? To create a space where I could have both things, images and writing. Maybe in some years I’ll be asking myself again “Why did I do this?”. But, right now, it makes sense. That should be reason enough. In the last years I’ve been making a lot of things that, right now, are just taking up space in my computer, so I would like other people to see them too. If anyone will do so or not, that’s another story.

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1 Response
  • Sandrinha
    February 24, 2015

    Todos os começos são difíceis, mas já fizeste o mais importante: começaste!
    Aqui fico à espera de novidades!
    Força com isso****

    Beijo beijo

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