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I’m Sílvia, I’m Portuguese. I’m an instructional designer and during my free time I like to take photos and, once in a while, make illustrations and teepees.

I’m in love with Lisbon. I’ve been in love with Lisbon since I was a kid. My first memories are of my mom taking me to Rossio to feed the pidgeons. She used to buy big bags of corn kernels and my job was to spread them around. I remember all the pidgeons would come and surround me. The rush of their wings. I remember how happy that made me. I guess that feeling always remained inside me and when I grew up I tried to learn as much as I could about my city. About my home. There’s no light like this.

I love Lisbon, but I also love to go to other places, know other countries. I’m curious by nature. I love to learn.

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I love music. I’m one of those people who buy instruments because they really want to learn how to play but, in the end, they never do. With what I have nowadays I could turn into a one-woman-band, if I had enough arms. Do I know how to play all of them? Only the drums. Maybe one day, in 40 years, when I’m retired, I’ll be able to play, at least, 3 other instruments. Maybe I’ll manage to learn a instrument every 10 years. Maybe… Maybe not.

It seems like these days are passing so fast. Before everything was easier.

Since I have no control to register everything I’ve been through already, I thought this would be the best way to remember what happens in my life.

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