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South Africa – Part II

As I said in the previous post, I still have more to show. My trip to Africa was, definitely, a memorable one. I learnt so much, and I can’t stop saying it. Africa does make you think and I do think everybody should go there, at least once. I just felt so tiny and it was impossible not to feel humbled by everything and everyone around me, for taking the time to teach and show what for them may just be what they see everyday, but for me was just… new. It does made me think.



So in this post, I’ll leave Kruger behind, and I’ll show you some other places I’ve been to while I was in South Africa. First is  a game lodge in the middle of the Limpopo province. Now listen, I never considered myself like a city girl, although deep inside I knew I was. When I got there, I was certain of that. I was never so in the middle of “nothing” as I was there. By nothing I mean, being in the middle of the bush, in bungalows and a 30 or 40 minute drive from Marble Hall (where supermarkets can be found, for example). So, no signal, no internet. Back to basics. It was very refreshing, except when I started thinking about the main business of this place, which is hunting. I’m completely against hunting, so it was a bit hard not to think about that during my stay.



Fortunately nothing was killed while I was there, and I’m still thanking the gods for that. This said, being in the wild is so amazing (and dangerous). In a nearby lodge a man had died not too long ago because, while he was hunting, he had the… “bad luck”… of stepping on two snakes while they were doing the business. He was bitten 23 times and died in 6 minutes. Lets forget about that. I was talking about how amazing the wild is. To see the giraffes, zebras, impalas, buffalo. Humbling. And amazing. Did I say amazing already?



We also went driving through the lodge at night. I saw my first red moon. Jeez. It is probably one of the most beautiful things I ever saw in my life. I also learned how to know if the animals around you are predators or preys, when you’re outside at night: by the reflection of the eyes. If it’s white, they’re preys, if it’s red, they predators. Here we “saw” some preys, probably impalas.


I also had the opportunity to visit other places in South Africa. Sadly, we didn’t manage to go to Cape Town, but we’ll do that for sure when we return.

We went to an amazing place called God’s Window. You have to go up up up, and all the heat didn’t help, but I wouldn’t mind being a god, just to be able to take in this view every day:






After that, we went to Bourke’s Lucky Potholes. They’re basically the result of decades of water whirlpools, the tumult of which has caused extensive water erosion over time. The result is a series of cylindrical rock sculptures. It’s quite impressive. It was named after a local prospector, Tom Bourke, who predicted the presence of gold, though he found none himself.




18_SouthAfricaI can’t really remember the name of everything we saw, but I believe this is where we went to check part of the view of Blyde River Canyon. Apologies if I am wrong! But if I am, both of them are gorgeous.






On a very gloomy day, we went to visit Lion Park. I ended up soaking wet, but it was very nice. Because felines.




27_SouthAfrica(Yes, that animal kind of has a target on the bum and no one knows how this animal got to this park, but he was enjoying the stay).







34_SouthAfricaAnd finally, our last stop, Pretoria. It was quite an emotional trip. To hear stories of who lived there decades ago and to listen to what it was and what it is now. What changed for better and what is worse now. This country is so big. There’s so much to see and discover, to comprehend and to learn how to respect. I left South Africa with a full heart and thankful for everything in my life. So if you have the opportunity, please do visit.






2 Responses
  • Marco Gaspar
    April 15, 2015

    Excelente texto, excelentes fotos (adoro a edição) e com tudo isto, fiquei com vontade de ir à África do Sul :)

    Keep up the good work girl ;)

    • Sílvia
      April 15, 2015


      Era essa a intenção, espero que saibas que estou a tirar uma comissão só com estes dois posts:P

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